Riffs & Souls
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A photography exhibition
by sebastian ervi


An exhibition of photographic practice
Riffs & Souls
Sebastian Ervi is a london-based creative photographer and videographer specialized in capturing the energy, emotions & individuality of live shows and people.
During the past years, he has been covering a wide range of photographic work across UK & europe, from live concerts and album art to portraits and corporate events.
This portfolio is a showcase of his creative practice through carefully curated photographic examples.
A portfolio of photographic work produced for artists and bands at over 200 live shows.
Open case study
Capturing the energy of live music shows, in video format
Open case study
Intimate moments taken behind the curtain of live shows
Open case study
Combining design process and photography for unique promotional visuals
Open case study
A collection of creative portrait photos taken for artists and individuals
Open case study
A designer at heart, sebastian’s superpower is to combine visual expression with creative process, passion and dedication
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Riffs & Souls
Exhibition of photographic practice
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