Embodied sensations
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A design exhibition
by sebastian ervi


An exhibition of design practice
Embodied Sensations
Experience Designer
Sebastian Ervi is an experience designer embracing the complexity of interactions between physical spaces, digital technologies and holistic systems.
During the past years, he has been designing a wide range of experiences, from physical installations and events to immersive websites and workshops for common good.
This portfolio is a showcase of his design practice through carefully curated case studies.
Case studies.
Sebastian’s endless curiosity and belief in research-led design dictates his work process led by strategic input and learning through experimentation.
Click on a project to access its case study.
Meta RWC Reels booth
Designing a social experience at the Rugby World Cup 2023 fan village.
Open case study
September 2023
Adobe Max 2022
Co-creating a playful AR invitation using the new Adobe Aero software.
Open case study
November 2022
Manchester City OKX
Designing an installation experience at the Manchester City arena.
Open case study
September 2022
Coke Studio Records
Uniting skills and expertises to design a 3D virtual record store for Coca-Cola’s new initiative.
Open case study
March 2023
Performative Journeys
Researching the complexity of the music industry to help struggling grassroots venues and musicians.
Open case study
November 2021
Born in Germany in a Finnish family, Sebastian is a European designer with multi-cultural perspectives and a natural draw to craftsmanship.
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Sebastian Ervi
Embodied Sensations
A showcase of experience design practice.
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