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About my work

I am a multi-disciplinary Experience Designer with work interests in immersive experiences, digital interfaces and spatial design. I am highly motivated by projects with emotional and social impact.
I enjoy working at the core of experiences touchpoints, as well as holistically across a whole service. Industries that motivate me include, but are not limited to: art, transportation, urbanism, health and NGOs.
I also have a keen interest in art direction, visual design, information design and service design.
Graduating from MA User Experience Design at University of the Arts London (LCC) in December 2021.

My process

Every project has unique goals and contexts. Therefore, I adapt my design process accordingly. Still, several steps can frequently be found in my projects, including:
Using design methods to understand the scope, empathise with people and experiment generatively.
Seeking for clarity and hunting the deeper problem or purpose.
Ideating, prototyping and testing design ideas.
Considering concepts both specifically and holistically.
Ideally, I continuously iterate and involve stakeholders across the design process. Unceasingly, I consider ethics, sustainability, inclusion and purpose.

Usability & aesthetics. Technology & art. Products & services. Interactions & systems. Form, function & experience.

MA User Experience Design

My MA in UX Design at University of the Arts London (LCC) has allowed me to learn designing experiences beyond apps and websites with an experimental, critical, artistic and academic approach to UX studio practices. All projects I have been working on during my course can be found on my Medium page below.
Open Blog (Medium)

Past projects

Discover projects I have been working on during my Bachelor of Digital Media in Paris, my MA in User Experience Design at UAL and my two years of work experience as a digital designer.

Soil Museum

During the UX Studio Practices unit, my team designed a fictitious exhibition in year 2100 to raise awareness about the importance of soil. With the use of storyboards, experimentation and prototyping, our aim was to question our relationship with soil through critical design.

Maria Shuttleworth (MA User Experience Design)
Yitong Han (MA User Experience Design)
Zhaolu Song (MA User Experience Design)

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Le Figaro

As an apprentice at Le Figaro, I assisted the lead product designer in building interfaces for the new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The main goal of the project was to implement the newspaper's refreshed branding in the app. The interfaces were designed on Sketch and shared on Abstract with the product team. I also helped in creating Le Figaro's new design system, and features for the newspaper's website.

Charlotte Paroielle (Creative Director)
Grégoire Talbot (Product Owner)
Thomas Bouvier (Lead Product Designer)
Valentin Paquet (Lead Mobile Developer)

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For my Bachelor's degree final project, I worked with a multi-disciplinary team on creating a startup dedicated to politicians. As the main UX designer, I conducted iterative user research, product definition, wireframing and usability testing for Neoly, a tool that helps mayors and deputies in their daily tasks. As a result of our successful collaboration and mutual efforts, our team won the DC Start internal competition. The project was nominated for best user experience.

Floreine Rodriguez (Project Manager)
Juliette Kiekens (Motion Designer)
Nicolas Babin (Motion Designer)
Valentin Gresse (Motion Designer)
Samy Ouadhi (UI Designer)
Anthony Rodriguez (UI Designer)
Aurélien Crappart (Developer)

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# Figma

The Herborist

During a week-long university project, my team imagined The Herborist - an apothecary that produces unique blends of natural oils and plants for well-being and mental health. After having defined the brand's mission, goals and market positioning, we designed a logo, a visual identity and a mockup of The Herborist's main product.

Justine Bonito (Bachelor of Digital Media)
Louis Lemoine (Bachelor of Digital Media)

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