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Sebastian Ervi

Born in Germany in a Finnish family, I grew up in the south of France for 18 years. After I realised that I didn’t want to become an engineer anymore, I moved to Paris to study digital design and photograph concerts all around the city.

My interest in facilitating emotions, my passion in creating visuals and my work in live events have led me to create and capture memorable experiences as my job. I have a particular interest in live arts, culture, transportation and urbanism.

When not working on designs or photos, I can be found having fun with music, mixology, cooking or car racing.

Experience Design

When I got the opportunity to study experience design in a world-renowned art & design university, I didn’t think twice before moving to London and completing my Master of Arts in User Experience Design. The course allowed me to think beyond screen-based experiences, to experiment with new design methods and to increasingly consider ethics in design.

Photography & art direction

My previous studies in Paris opened me to graphic design, visual identities and ultimately, art direction. My photographic journey has ultimately led me to incorporate moodboards and set design into my work, in order to build an atmosphere around a photo or a design.

Inspired by artists of various disciplines

I am inspired by art and design that provokes emotional response to create new ways to live, work and play for people.

Credits - from left to right:
Domenico Falso (photographer)
Olafur Eliasson (installation artist)
Yuri Suzuki (sound designer)
Emma Birski (photographer)
Wes Anderson (film director)
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