About me

Everybody has its own story. Here is mine.

Hi, I'm Sebastian.
I am a Finn, I was born in Germany and I grew up in the French Riviera. Now, I am a UX Designer at France's oldest daily newspaper by day, and a rock concert photographer in Paris by night. Besides music and photography, I enjoy mixology, cooking, nature and nice-looking things. I would rather describe myself as a rational than a creative. I like to be versatile and try to continuously learn new skills.

My skills include :
Photography (Shooting and Editing), UX Design (Research, Experience and Interaction), UI/Visual Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Project Management, Basic Web Development, Basic Communication Skills

I'm looking to sharpen my skills in : 3D Illustration, Immersive Experience Design, Branding, Art Direction, Design Sprinting, Portrait Photography, Videography, Storytelling
10/2019 - Present
Product Designer at Le Figaro
03/2018 - Present
Freelance Digital Designer
Freelance Concert Photographer
09/2018 - 02/2019
UX & UI Designer at Invoxia
06/2018 - 07/2019
Graphic Designer at Agence oz&
09/2017 - Present
Bachelor of Digital with major in UX Design at IIM Léonard de Vinci & Digital Campus Paris
Baccalauréat Général of Science - Highest Honours

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